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Title: Which would you choose?
Post by: carnut on May 7, 2019, 16:36:42 PM
Which Av would you choose? Both are 2011 LT with Z71, sunroof, roof rack, full feature seats (power recline/lumbar,memory), 3.42 axle, 2 speed transfer case, HD towing, other stuff is the same except as noted below.

Option 1: 92627 miles, asking $20665. taupe grey paint, ebony interior. Located in Virginia, but 1st owner in Pa, 2nd in WV. No reported accidents. No major warranty repairs.

Option 2: 65833 miles, asking $22300. Black with ebony interior. Also has Navigation and factory painted sail panels. Was also undercoated and rustproofed by the dealer when new. Was originally sold in Canada, around Winnipeg. Spent entire time there until (I assume) sold at auction to a dealer in Flint Michigan. I see nothing in the Carfax showing it was in the States until march this year when it bounced from Canada to Colorado then immediately to Flint. Warranty claims show Oil cooler pipe replaced twice, several other minor issues like ball joint, front drive axle seal, a few sensors or modules.

I have not seen either Av in person yet, but judging from the pics I was sent of the underside of the vehicles they both seem pretty clean. The Price difference isn't that big a deal to me.

I am leaning toward the lower mileage one even though it's the last color I would want.

Title: Re: Which would you choose?
Post by: Aussie Red on May 7, 2019, 17:03:51 PM
The black beauty of course. lol. I was thinking though with the under carriage coated and less mileage is what would sway me but then color is huge too and I only do Red or black lol.  Oil cooler pipe being repaired twice would give me a little cause for concern. Just my worry wart nature.
Title: Re: Which would you choose?
Post by: ca2kjet on May 7, 2019, 19:56:36 PM
I'd be curious to know what the underside of that northern living Avy looks like. If it was well maintained and the coating did its job, it may be a fantastic choice.
Title: Re: Which would you choose?
Post by: Vaeagleav on May 7, 2019, 22:14:45 PM
You should check each vehicle with full info at sites like and to get pricing based on zip code and other info.
If you can't travel to check each vehicle out yourself to verify seller's info you might want to find a third party appraisal service near where the vehicles are located and have them fully inspect, test drive and photo the vehicles and send you a detailed appraisal. It may cost a couple of hundred to do the appraisal but may save you money in the long run.
Title: Re: Which would you choose?
Post by: ygmn on May 8, 2019, 04:28:44 AM
HOw long did she live north of the border?

Might be hiding stuff under that undercoating.
Title: Re: Which would you choose?
Post by: carnut on May 15, 2019, 08:29:54 AM
Back to square one. The low mileage black one didn't work out.
The good: Underside looked fantastic. hardly any rust at all.
The interior looked at first to be almost like new except for a 3" cut on side of rear seat.
Had everything I wanted except it was my last choice of color.
Plus it had Nav. ( nice, but not on my list.)

The bad:
Midgate window plastic edge had a 1" chunk missing.

The rubber bed mat had two holes in it about 12" x 8" as well as slices 12+" long on ends. They had the mat in backwards to hide the issues putting the holes narer to the midgate. Mat was unusable as it was.

Windshield had chip in it, starting to expand.

Drivers door had black RTV along the front and rear edges of the panels near the top.

The rain visors over each door window at some point had been taken off (to be painted?) and the paint above them was damaged.

The entire left side of the truck and over half the hood had so many stone chips it it that I couldn't count them all. I would estimate at least 50, probably alot more PER PANEL! There was a foot long scratch on the hood that someone tried to touch up with a touch up brush kit.

The truck looked nice from 20 feet, but as soon as you get close, all those chips look terrible.

They were going to sell it to me for $21400, but with all those issues, I offered them $20k. They declined so I walked. And drove 3 1/2 hours back home.

I was talking to a freind later, and he said that was probably a drug running truck. Supposedly runners will take the panels off, cut out the braces and load the door with drugs and RTV them back on. I guess to make it easier to take them off and on?? Or maybe he watched too many cop shows.

So, back to the search. Don't want to jump on the 92k mileage truck yet. Hoping to find something 75k or under with what I want in it. Narrows my options significantly.
Title: Re: Which would you choose?
Post by: carnut on May 15, 2019, 08:30:59 AM
BTW, entire life in Canada, Winnipeg area.