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 on: Today at 07:54 am 
Started by graycaleb99 - Last post by graycaleb99
Not sure what fourm to post this in. Sorry for any inconvenience.

My problem is I had a evap code for a small leak in the evap system. I ended up having a smoke test down and everything, and if the shop told me the truth then my evap canister needs replaced. I have never done this before but most of the time I try to perform as many repairs on my vehicle that I can by myself.

If anyone has any expirence with this part some advice on changing the part and where to get the part would be much appreciated. Are these parts, like most, interchangeable with other gm products of the same year. Silverado, Tahoe? Anything?

 on: Today at 06:27 am 
Started by chevyfan204 - Last post by chevyfan204
The Drl's come on during the day and head lights come on at night. The dash had been out last year the radio was working fine until last week. I was driving on the highway when this happened the display started to flicker and went all fuzzy. And then it was like the contrast was automatically adjusted to very light so nothing was defined. Then when I shut the truck off and started it again a few days later I have this "negative" picture everything else works fine with the truck except for the compressor for the shocks is starting to sound bad. 

 on: Today at 06:06 am 
Started by chevyfan204 - Last post by Vaeagleav
You may know more too if you check to see if your daytime running lights are on in the daytime or your headlights....That would indicate  sensor is being fooled into believing it's night time if they aren't on during the day. Not sure you can override the sensor by manual settings or not? Things like less sunlight in winter, inspection stickers and dash mats can block the sensor. If you had the dash replaced or removed for any reason a wire may have been loosened or broken to the sensor.

 on: Today at 05:40 am 
Started by chevyfan204 - Last post by chevyfan204
It's almost like the display is a negative of what it should be light colours are dark and the dark parts are  light. I'll take some pictures and try to post them in here.  I've played with the brightness and contrast, and the day and night setting with no success.

 on: Yesterday at 04:19 pm 
Started by Exibar - Last post by MS03 2500
You have to love a black AV that is one good looking truck.

 on: Yesterday at 02:01 pm 
Started by Exibar - Last post by scottnj1966
I know this is an old thread but I couldn't help myself adding some pics of my 2013 Avy Z71 that I just bought last month.
These are pictures while it was still at the dealer.

 on: Yesterday at 01:51 pm 
Started by buickwagon - Last post by buickwagon
Ok, I got under there and pulled the fill plug. Tried to stuff one of my fat sausages in there to find the level. Things were wet with oil but couldn't feel a level. I added 600mL (about 1/2 quart) of 75w-90 synthetic, which brought it up to the bottom of the fill hole. So I guess any noise I hear is just normal for this truck.

Thanks all.

 on: Yesterday at 11:41 am 
Started by Trey - Last post by redheadedrod
Be aware that Optima batteries can take out an alternator if allowed to get discharged too much. Due to its design if it gets near dead it will be seen as an almost direct short and will DRASTICALLY load the alternator. If you have an Optima and you need a jump you are better off throwing it on a battery charger first.

Yellow tops are deep cycle and intended to be used in Marine applications. Red tops are more for automotive usage. Not sure what the blue tops are for as those came around after I had my issues with the red tops and swore off using Optima batteries after loosing 2 alternators and countless corroded connectors due to the red tops I had.

While they have quick discharge and are "cool" for some features they have very few positives for use in a daily driver and none that make a difference. I found that a lot of the claims are bogus as they still are a standard battery with a few modifications.


 on: Yesterday at 11:02 am 
Started by wakebdr - Last post by Lifted07
That is MOST definitely a ball joint and probably the upper.  When it gets to the point that yours is at and is making that much noise, there is no saving it.  It is time to replace.

 on: Yesterday at 06:55 am 
Started by Trey - Last post by Trey
Yeah, shortly after that the battery died.  It turned out to be a failing alternator (or the regulator in the alternator). I replaced the alternator myself, and all was good again.

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