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 on: Today at 06:35 PM 
Started by nwguy - Last post by Senor Plata
Don't forget 4WD or AWD is useful on boat ramps.  Same with areas of the country where it does not rain for a couple of months, it rains, and then you have a slimy goo at every stop to power through.  Yes regular RWD/FWD will get you going if you are smart about it but put it in AWD and get off quicker than most of your fellow drivers.

Old guy at 54 and I prefer functionality over style but that was reversed in my youth.  Heck I put white walls on my VW Van to distract from the burning oil smell.

Today I had a Ford F150 Limited following me for a few blocks.  Looked too pretty to haul or touch dirt.  Check the price tag out on that.

 on: Today at 06:19 PM 
Started by OaklandCowboy - Last post by Senor Plata
When I have driven to the Midwest and the price makes it cheaper calculating cents per mile driven, then I load up on it.  Here in Washington they sell it at the same price as regular.  Guess they think a green state means you pay green for bio fuels.

 on: Today at 05:26 PM 
Started by Rondo - Last post by Rondo
I think I figured it out the 1500 & 2500 have the same part number on GM Parts direct.
- Dave

 on: Today at 05:18 PM 
Started by Rondo - Last post by Rondo
Looking at options to bring my '02 back up to lookin' purdy.  Too much body rust to repair >:(.   I found an '06 1500 with a bad motor/trans the body is in perfect condition no rust southern truck will it fit my 2500 chassis or do I need to find a 2500?
- Dave

 on: Today at 04:13 PM 
Started by stemrt - Last post by Loggie
     It is my right, Honor and duty to report to you all that my 2004 Z71 Avalanche has crossed the next mountain on the odometer, the 300,000 mile mark. Since these threads are worthless without pictures I offer this as evidence I have owned my truck now for 5,081 days and now over 300k miles. My truck purchase brought me an extended family and my own family. It is a testament to regular maintenance and fixing stuff before it breaks. In 300k miles it has NEVER not started upon demand and has NEVER been towed in disgrace. There is only 1 part that REALLY needs some love. The driver seat! Otherwise I'll keep on rolling toward 400k 1 day at a time.

                                                       - JohnBChef

That's awesome dude.  I wonder what I would have if I just would have kept my 02 :beating:

 on: Today at 04:09 PM 
Started by Steelheadchaser - Last post by Loggie
Just paid for 2018 :thumbsup: :A: :A:

Receipt number: 3BM024536N107312Y

 on: Today at 04:01 PM 
Started by ygmn - Last post by Loggie
 :thumbsup:  Nice to see this

 on: Today at 02:59 PM 
Started by rodg1984 - Last post by Senor Plata
I would go for the one owner LTZ that a real Chevy dealer is selling.  My experience looking at lot of used Avs is that single owner trades in better condition will stay on the new car dealers lot.  I see more of the multi owner rigs with issues going straight to auction and then ending up on a used car lot.  It all comes down to test driving both and having them inspected.  Not that a Chevy dealer won't get an Av traded in and immediately put a high price on it regardless of condition for a quick sell.  But after a couple of weeks they will let it go to auction if too many issues pop up.  Whereas a used car dealer has paid auction price for theirs and will fix it just enough to sell.

I was down to two LTZ rigs that had been sold new off the same lot in 2011.  One had 2 owners but 40k less mileage.  You would have thought that one would be in better condition.  It was not.  Heated seat was out, panels were messed up, and AC did not work.  Went with the one owner high mileage rig that looked well taken care of.  Was able to get the dealer (Ford dealer) to fix a couple minor issues.  Of course the original battery tested good and then failed dramatically after I had it a month.

LTZ Suspension issues?  165K and everything still works perfectly.

 on: Today at 12:43 PM 
Started by tyler2k - Last post by tyler2k
so the code i got is c0327, iv replaced the switch, the entire shift motor, the transfer case, check the fuses and ground under three door im at a loss

 on: Today at 08:41 AM 
Started by stemrt - Last post by peterg
354,139 miles but finally had to replace engine. 2 dead cylinders but I can't complain So I found an engine with 72k miles and put in If it gives me at lease half of the original I will be happy. Truck still looks good so hoping for the best!

2002 Z71 Original owner

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