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 on: Today at 00:41 
Started by TimLT2 - Last post by Snowee
I've been wondering about this since I bought my avy.  I normally use them to store a tool kit and jumpers on one side and straps on the other.
What doesn't help is that I live on a VERY dusty dirt road and both sides are totally caked in road dust. Been trying to figure out where it all came from, guess the drain hole would be the obvious reason.
are there seals on the doors? Some may fall off.

 on: Today at 00:11 
Started by ygmn - Last post by Snowee
Hi all. I benefitted from reading here about the Avalanche before buying. Since 7/5, I have done a TPMS replacement and relearn, polished and cleared headlight housings, and traveled as far as Laveen and Casa Grande.

Snowee's stable mate will have the gen I SBC replaced with a Gen IV sometime.  Since I have long been interested in the GM small blocks, and a fan of gears (first car went from 4 to 5 to 6), I pretty much had to end up with the 6L80.

Looking forward to learning and sharing.

 on: Yesterday at 23:04 
Started by Mikes-07 - Last post by Z66Modder
I walked by my truck and checked the trickle charger....

Only drive 1 to 2 times a month now.
I expect to keep here until I die....

I think soon I get antique plates for her... wouldn't that be funny as the truck still seems new to me.. even after owning her for almost 18 years.

I was going to post: Looked at my 02 long & hard today wondering should I get a new truck? Then I realized I'm married to her for life just like my wife.

 on: Yesterday at 20:03 
Started by Mlawson - Last post by Jimmi Z
Seems to me they painted or powder coated the 2500 series chassis, all they have to do is the same paint or powder coat the AV chassis and that thing will last for decades instead they applied a waxy greasy undercoating over bare expose metal, hit a branch or something exposing the metal then add salt and the nightmare begins. Their not stupid they know in a few years you'll be back buying another AV if painted it will be decades...

 on: Yesterday at 19:42 
Started by Jimmi Z - Last post by Jimmi Z
Thanks Randy, I was waiting for reply back from salvage yard never did, ok decided to go Daystar got 5% discount with promote code,
will post pictures arrived and installed and give feedback on quality material used..

 on: Yesterday at 18:35 
Started by guttersnipes199 - Last post by guttersnipes199

I just replaced the Blower motor resistor in my 2003 chevy Z71 Avy. The blower did not work at all before replacing, but is now working on speeds 1-4 after replacement. The only setting it does not work on is the highest setting, 5.

Would anyone have any suggestions?

Thank You!

 on: Yesterday at 18:19 
Started by JLM09LTZ - Last post by MS03 2500
It's probably time to have both the alternator and the battery tested. The battery should keep the voltage above 12 volts.

 on: Yesterday at 16:33 
Started by Rich25 - Last post by Rich25
Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the inputs. The 2004 does not have the lower cladding and I checked the wheel wells and it looks like they just have installed new covers and most of the underneath were just newly cleaned and painted. I wasn't able to check the brake and fuel lines though.

 on: Yesterday at 14:59 
Started by JLM09LTZ - Last post by JLM09LTZ
So I'm currently sitting in the Avalanche, engine running, A/C on full blast. If I put it in drive and hold the brake, it flips out. Voltage dropped to just above 9 volts. Itll sit there for about 10-15 seconds, act like it's going to cut off and then all of a sudden it'll jump back up to 14v and run normal. In park, it'll be fine for a while. Foot off brake pedal or on brake pedal and it'll sit and idle at 13.5v to 14.3v only dropping to 12.7v when the fan kicks on. (I'm testing with a multimeter at battery terminals. Im getting ready to rip the alternator off and take the battery out and have them tested.

 on: Yesterday at 14:08 
Started by JLM09LTZ - Last post by EXT4ME
I have had batteries go bad in less that two years.

Take it and have it LOAD tested, to be sure.

I have had a couple of alternators be bad right out of the box.

Never worked once.

It happens.


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