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Pulling out a stump

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This weekend I will be cutting down some big bushes.  I then plan on using the avy to pull the stumps out.  I am not exactly how big the stumps are going to be but the biggest bush is about 4-4.5 feet tall and 7 feet wide.  So my question is what is the best way to pull out the stumps?  Chain, tow strap?  Hooked to the hitch or what?  I have never pulled a stump out before so I have no idea what the best way to do it is without hurting my avy.

02 Z71:
I use a tow strap when I use my truck to pull stumps out. You can use a chain also but if a tow strap won't do the job a chain isn't going to make it any easier. I usually hook the tow strap to the ball on my hitch.

Just a word of caution. Don't pull too hard. You will have to loosen up the stump first by doing some digging around it. If the stump won't come out with a few gentle tugs in 4WD without really gassing it, you need to do some more digging. I say this from experience. If you pull so hard with the truck that you are burning or just spinning the tires, more that likely the tow strap or chain will snap and when it snaps it will come directly at the truck and cause quite a bit of damage. Make sure that there is no one around the stump when you are pulling on it because if the strap or chain does break or come loose, it will literally take someones leg/arm/head off.

A little water goes a long way. Soak the crap out of the root ball. I know we have had a lot of rain here but, SOAK IT! It also makes it easier to dig around the stump.  If you think you are just going to hook a chain up and go  :laugh:. Also check with the Colorado utility notification to make sure there are no underground utilities in the area. I sound like my Dad.  :laugh:


Thanks for the replies!!

i just did that myself this week. i pulled twelve stumps from some overgrown evergreen bushes. DEFINITELY dig down to at least near the bottom of the root ball. I used an industrial chain with a 7000 lb rating. Wrap it around the stump LOW. I try to get it under a root near the back to give it a little extra lift, and then i took the chain through the trailer hitch. I also put the truck into 4wd LOW to get the most torque with the least wheel spin. I slowly tightened up on the chain so it would not shock the drive line. Most came right out, but a few i had to pull, let off and pull again. If a stump is close to a utility line, dig down and cut it out in pieces with a chainsaw or sawzall. Had to do that for one of mine. I was surprised at how thick and deep the roots went. FYI, no lawn damage at all!!

good luck. paul.

PS. my stumps were an average of 12 inches in diameter.


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