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02 Sunset_Z71:
Intro - First off...Good Afternoon all!  I'm an ol' school member from way back in '02 when the site was just growing (different SN) and I'm happy to see that the site still continues to thrive with great resources and is just as lively as when it started.  With that said...I did attempt to search this particular topic (spent a good hour going thru several pages) both within the Forum and thru Google as well.  I've seen this topic brought up a few times but the problem description and fix seemed to be different ever time. 

I came to the conclusion that I may need a tranny overhaul, until that is, I ran into a google search with a gentleman that had the exact problem discription as I am having to the T!  So, I thought I'd check in here first with the folks who know best to see if the fix was accurate.

My Problem - Just this past Thanksgiving, I was on my way home from work covering a buddy of mine when I notice the transmission acting up.  Prior to this I haven't had any issues whatsoever, but on this day, the transmission wasn't shifting into 3rd or 4th gear.  It shifts flawlessly from Park, to Neutral, to Reverse, to Drive, and will go from 1 to 2 just like normal, but will just rev up from that point on.  If I let go of the gas, the RPM's drop as if in Neutral or coasting, but as soon as I step on it while moving at around 45-55mph, it will jump into 2nd gear at a high rev point (no jerks or harshness).  It feels like it wants to shift, but just won't. 

The person I found while Googling my problem stated he had the exact problem (I say exact b/c I browsed numerous pages and others mentioned slippage where mine is not) and another person replied who stated he had similar problem and that it was due to dirt going into the TC housing and the dealer fixed his issue by replacing the Torque Converter, flushing fluids, and installing a redesigned transmission breather.  The only difference here is my truck is an '02, whereas the forum was regarding an '05.  I didn't think that mattered because both dealt with the 4L60E tranny. 

I called around and most shops are saying tranny rebuild.  Could a new TC, fluids, and breather be a valid fix.  I would like to avoid costly repairs being Holidays and all.

Anywho......I appreciate any help from anyone.  Other than that....Happy Holidays to all Avy's!!!

02 Sunset_Z71:
Just wanted to add some more details:

2002 Avalanche Z71
4" Suspension Lift w/ 33's
No major performance mods other than Air and Exhaust

Again, wanted to note that it happened out of the blue without any degration or symptoms...

To me it sounds like maybe some debris in the valve body is causing the 2-3 shift solenoid to not be able to move the valve? Have you ever had it flushed at the dealership or a good transmission shop? I'd try that first, even though it can potentially cause more harm then good if it hasn't ever been flushed.

Another thought comes to mind of a fault ignition switch. However, this would manifest in issues downshifting as well, like when you are coming to a stop, and it starts out in 2nd instead of 1st.

I agree. Flush and fill can't hurt and may fix the problem. Otherwise, the tranny is going to have to come apart even if it's just a "crud" issue. Don't know what your mileage is, but it is an '02 and a 4L60E. The torque converter replacement is/was a red herring.

I'm a new member and read your post because I am having the same problem.  I searched several websites and came to the conclusion that I should replace my 1-2 and 2-3 shift solenoids, mainly 2-3 (but if I had the pan off I might as well replace the 1-2 solenoid). Anyway in my 2002 1500 series 2wd the solenoids are the exact same. I replaced them and it continues to shift no further than 2nd gear. I'm going to have it towed to a shop tomorrow and have them do a diagnostic check to see what it reveals. I think I'm going to have to have it rebuilt.


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