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P0449 SES Code

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Jack, lol!  I disabled the code while I went to the dealer and did some running around.  I hate that light on my dash, and since I own HP Tuners and already have my truck saved, I deleted the code while I ran, put it back, and fixed. 

Glad I could help anyone.  Cost me a few bucks, but got the part # saved.  I think for the $23 I may just keep it in stock at my house.  I hate SES lights.   :P



Hope this helps someone looking for this defunct equipment giving errors. P0445 -  ...
...  Emission Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit Shorted

P0449 - EVAP Canister Vent Solenoid Valve Control Circuit

I replaced the part that has the blue O-ring on it the Valve. but you have to buy both They come as a set (GM P/N#25932571)Valve Solenoid Electrovalve cost $27.45 takes all of 5 min to take off and put the new one on.

No service manual, Just went off the the P codes checked the connections with a multimeter with them attached to the solenoid . The solenoid by the engine read 12volts took it off and cleaned it anyway applied 12 volts to the solenoid and watched and listened to it function , Moved on to the solenoid in the rear by the gas tank checked the voltage with the solenoid attached and got 0 volts disconnected the solenoid  and checked the voltage got 12 volts, applied 12volts to the solenoid and the part did not move or do anything. :thumbsup:  This is the culprit!!! :thumbsup:  I have since changed three of these for three of my friends that have avalanches and the CEL has not been back. Everyone kept telling them to change the gas cap but our trucks only have 70k on them. To sum it up if you get a P445 or P449 and CEL with tighten gas cap. You can take it to the bank it either one of two solenoids the one up front by the engine or the one by the gas tank has burned out. Parts guy said they keep them in stock Wink Wink so I think chevy knows about this defect. Looks to me that if you keep the truck long enough you will have to replace it because their is 12 volts applied to the solenoid while the truck is running to keep the solenoid closed because it is a normally open solenoid then when the truck is off it opens which seems the switch should be normally closed and have the ECM open it before and after a Run cycle instead of full on closed position while running. Chevy Dealerships wants to charge $99.00 Diagnostic fee and waive it if you have your truck fixed with them for a  $27.00 part. Which as you see at the begging of this thread "Dropped $100+ at the Dealership." When You can fix yourself for $27.00 and your own labor. If you can change a car Battery this task is just that easy.


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