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Author Topic: Bearing noise on front of the motor  (Read 65 times)

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Bearing noise on front of the motor
« on: 04/13/18 06:29 PM »

When I crank my truck it sounds like a bearing going bad. Kinda like a scraping sound that increases with the rpm. I have replaced the tensioner, alternator, idler pulley, power steering pump and took the belt off the ac. The water pump does not leak but it is the only part on the front of the motor I have not replaced. 2006 172K
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Re: Bearing noise on front of the motor
« Reply #1 on: 04/14/18 04:18 AM »

You did not specifically mention the belt tensioner in your description of the parts you had changed.

Maybe you just didn't list it.

I usually replace the idler pulley when I replace the belt tensioner, just for good measure.

I would think you could take the main belt off and crank the engine for a moment and that would tell you if the noise is external, or not.

If nothing is spinning externally and the noise is still there, then the noise is most likely internal.

It shouldn't take but a very short bit to tell.

Others should be along shortly to give you some other ideas.
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