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Author Topic: ~'08 Avalanche LTZ, 4x4, black, nav, remote start, sunroof, more...~  (Read 240 times)

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I'll have some pics up soon. Cooper SRX tires, 85%. Same for the upgraded brake pads and upgraded rotors (drilled & slotted... positive difference noticeable) . Comes with WeatherTech floor mats. Just reconditioned the sails and the plastic in-between using the best stuff you guys recommended on here. $3K transmission rebuilt (using the best and toughest parts they had available) done about 18months ago (still have the warranty paper with exact date), now it runs perfectly. Tuned it up around the same time. Always serviced it on time using high quality synth blend e oil. Replaced gas cap, blower fan, several little things. Replaced battery 2(?) years ago. Roof Rack. 3 keys and 2 key fobs.
Black exterior with just enough chrome to be classy. (stock wheels & grill and door handles only, lol) Beautiful black and cashmere interior. No dvd, which, let's face it, is fine: most kids or passengers in the back are staring at a cell phone or tablet. Plus, not having it hanging down increases rear visibility. Navigation. OnStar. 4x4 that works perfectly. EXCELLENT performance in inclement weather, actually FUN to drive in the snow, exuding a very planted and in-control feeling, always. Sun roof.  160K-ish miles. (will recheck and update) In addition to the Bose sound, I had a modest amp and a single 10" sub professionally installed with a bass control knob within easy reach to the left side of the steering wheel. Not overkill, but substantial and clean-sounding. Trailer brake commander installed. Once best of the best, now kinda dated, but still VERY effective Passport Escort 8500 x50 hardwired in, with an alternate mute switch and notification light to the right of the steering wheel within easy reach.

Asking $14K --> 13K. Considering all I've put into it (new tranny, brakes and rotors, tires, etc) this thing should be good to go without any major problem for a very long time indeed. Peace of mind is a great thing.
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