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02 4x4 z71 ac & radiator help!


Hey y'all!! I.have a problem again. The ac blows hot hot hot! Sometimes it blows harder on driver side than on passenger side &/or hotter temp too. But today the defroster was needed so I turned it on and it blows just harder in some spots than others but it never blew hard enough or hot or cold only like a fan so we were constantly wiping the windshield and windows today while driving our AV.  Guy at oriellys said a hose could be stopped up to heater core and to drain radiator and use water hose to.flush it out. how do I go about doing this properly? Thanks I'm advance

Check cabin filter if it has ever been change if clogged will limit air flow.

air flow should be about same on all OPEN vents since there is no dampers to control side to side. again could be filter

Defroster: do you have normal heat?
O'reilly guys advice is last resort.
Do you feel heat on both heater hoses going into firewall?

What type of control on 2002? AUTO Set temp or manual?


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