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New avalanche '08....what grade fuel?


Regular ok? Premium? Mid-grade? I have flex-fuel but no stations near me.

   With today’s TEC running whatever your owner’s manual calls for. If you are not towing or
having any knock then things should be fine. Now if you tune. You need to run the octane your
tune is set up for.

  What you have to be careful is cut rate stations can even be a major worldwide company dumping
their dirty gas. Shell was kicked out of Oregon for dumping their sh@t gas here. Because Oregon
did not have a good vetting process. Well they have served their time and are back in the state.   


That is what manual says.

No need for higher octane unless it pings (which you should then have engine checked out as should not ping)

If you tune engine with computer of somesort you can then tune for high octane fuel and use it.

Grades of gas is just the additives the seller put in, all gas has the same energy content. High compression engines needs an anti knock in it. High compression is what above 9.0:1/ 9.5:1? So far as I know most trucks don't go over that much unless it's a diesel. Regular is fine.


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