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Z71 Package vs Regular 4x4 - Differences?

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I know what all the Z71 package includes...skid plates, stickers, shocks, floormats, etc...

But do you get any of that same stuff if you get a 4x4 but don't get the Z71 package?  Does the regular 4x4 still have a skid plate for example?  What's the difference between the shocks on the Z71 and the shocks on the 4x4?

I'm trying to decided if it's worth it to me to get the Z71 package and add leather and a couple other things, or just get the full leather package on a regular 4x4...

Thanks in advance...

I believe that the specially tuned front and rear shocks are for the Z71 package only, however the 4X4 will come with all the other Z71 offroad features, excpt for 17" wheels(Z71 specific) and the stickers on the rear, they'll be 4X4 instead.
This is just my opinion, I am not positive on this all.

-James. 8)

z71 has a higher flow (k&n maybe?) air filter
z71 has a locking rear diff - check to see if the reg 4x4 has it cuz i dunno
z71 has a darker tinted rear window i think
z71s floormats are more heavy duty
z71 has the 17 inch wheels (16in on reg)
z71 has the billstein (sp?) offroad shocks

alot of these things could easily be added but some of them (locking rear, wheels, shocks) would be better attained by just getting the z71

the z71 package itself is an very good value.  The big features (for me anyway) above what you get with the base 4x4 are the locking rear differential, 17" wheels, window tint, bilstein shocks, skid plates(these skids arent very impressive though).  however in 2003 you could get the z71 package by itself with no other options, which is what i wanted and how my truck is optioned out.  in 2004 i think you are required to get onstar and maybe a few other options when you get the z71 package.  this sucks imo...

I went from a 4x4 to the Z71 and find that the five mile road I drive back and forth on at least 3 times a day, gives me a better feeling of handling.

I am very impressed with the improvments. :)


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