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Rear Bearing -- 2004 Avalanche


After several hours of ownership and 500 kms (about 220 miles) my passenger side rear bearing disintegrated damaging the right rear brake, axle, etc.

The vehicle was repaired.  The first incident was while away on holidays.  After driving home, about another 560 kms, there is a new intermittent noise coming from under the hood (sounds like an airplane taking off).

I have owned Toyotas and Hondas, and never had any such problems.  Also, GM seems to be very nonchalant about the problem--"it's repaired and that's what your warranty is for."

Has anyone else had any such problems.  It really is too bad because if mechanically sound, the Avalanche would be a great vehicle.

I think one other member mentioned a rear bearing going bad...I am not sure if it was wheel bearing or axle shaft bearing at the differential...

Might wanna search in this section for it...

Good luck and welcome to the club....

Hernz Av:
I had the same problem on my 02 Av. First it was the center wheel bearing and then it was the passenger outer wheel bearing. When my inner bearing went out they had to replace the whole rear end because the race  was welded to the housing. This was around 20k miles, then around 30K miles my outer seal, and bearing went out along with parking brakes.

I now have 78K miles and have not had anymore problems with the rear.

My Avalanche has 45k on it and the pinion and carrier bearings failed. I took it
to the chevy dealer, big mistake. $1100 to replace the bearings. I
told them to seal it back up I was coming to get it. A local mechanic
quoted a price of $400 for the bearings. Since he is so cheap I am
going to have him install 4.10 gears also. Chevy charged me $247 just to
inspect the rear end. This included 3 quarts of fluid at $26 a quart,
so beware. Get your rear diff. checked before it goes out of
warranty. Still love the Avalance, but have never had a vehicle that lost
bearings period.


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