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Author Topic: Who Has Had The Most Problems With Their AV  (Read 74947 times)

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Re: Who Has Had The Most Problems With Their AV
« Reply #100 on: March 14, 2014, 23:10:34 PM »

Have had multiple problems.  2010 Ava. 6 speed 5.3L
I am on my 4th battery. I'm not sure how everything is supposed to work, but here goes.
1. In the AM driver side mirror is fogged but the passenger side is dry and clear.??
2. When changing from defrost or to mix the temperature setting changes.  Is there a default temp setting that it resets to if there is a short or disconnect of battery or power?
3. Engine compartment hood light goes out.
4. Like all my Chevy's a running light goes out (right side and left side).
5. 6 speed -- When slowing down from 10-15 mph  and removing my foot from the throttle to the brake the trans. seems to jump or skip a gear and the truck seems like it accelerates slightly.  It is not the throttle , but the transmission jumping or skipping gears, when it should be coasting.  It is the worst as I travel up hill where I need to use the throttle, then release the pedal and start to coast, then the truck jumps slightly. The dealer says he doesn't feel it.  Drove same year Yukon 6 speed and doesn't jump.
6. Another annoying thing is there is no manuel lock unlock on the tailgate any more.  So when my battery went dead I couldn't get to my jumper battery.
7. The placement of the doorlocks on the flat of the window and door opener is bad. I have accidentally set my palm on the door lock while getting out of the car on more than one occasion, because of the placement of the lock.  I am aware so I am careful ,but passengers have done the same unknowingly and lock the keys in the car.
8. The gas fill tube makes the gas hose shut off after a few seconds making me hold the gas nozzle at a sideways position to keep filling. This after the dealer loosened the tube.  Before it would only fill at a slow rate with me holding the nozzle. Very annoying in the rain and wind.
9. Had to replace door weatherstripping on driver side that kept coming off.
10. Lumbar air bag didn't fill.  Dealer fixed it but it barely fills still.
11. Added 2 quarts of oil between last oil changes. 3/--/14.  Added one more quart since last oil change and am at 56% still.  Been using oil since purchased vehicle
12. Is there a timer shut off for cigarette lighter, plugs?
13. Very little adjustment to auto driverside rear view mirror.
14.  Very little range on key fob.  Maybe 20-30 feet.  Must stand near car in rain to use auto engine start feature, because must be close to car.
15. Mileage is usually 11-16 mpg. 


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Re: Who Has Had The Most Problems With Their AV
« Reply #101 on: July 15, 2014, 13:59:33 PM »

Brought it used, one previous owner, but he did not keep up with the service and maintenance. With 90K plus, I went thru the entire truck at a cost of about $3500.00 (parts and labor). Replacing battery, shocks, struts, brakes (complete), alternator, belts, hoses, filters, fuses, relays, tires (to include spare), 1 new rim for the spare. Complete fluid exchange and flush (trans, oil, hydraulic, steering, coolant and diff). Also replaced the instrument cluster due gauges not operating properly. My point being nothing last forever, especially a vehicle. Each vehicle has a different TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Automakers since the 80's have designed their vehicles only to last so long before the cost of maintenance and repair become prohibitive to keep on the road. I know of owners that have dogged their vehicles in the ground, while some baby them to death.  Ladies and gentlemen - A old saying comes to mind: "You only get out - What you put in". If you buy a new vehicle today, get an extended warranty based on your driving style no what's cheap. If you are buying a used vehicle, check it out, do your homework, and ask the question why it is for sale? I brought a Saturn Vue with CTI tranny. It ran fine for 4 years then it died, a replacement were going for 5K and no warranty. Totally cost prohibitive to fix or replace. Check your state's lemon laws, keep on top of you service manager, get a second or third opinion. It is frustrating on so many levels that US Automakers unfairly balance the longevity of their products vs the consumers. The Avalanche overall is one of the best vehicle designs (based on trucks) to come out in years.

Many items can be fixed, few people know the correct procedures and indicators get it right the first time.
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