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Fuel Gauge Malfunction...AGAIN

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Mine does the first part ON OCCASION.

Doesn't register immediately, then slowly creeps up.  Next start, it's normal.  Nothing I've been terribly concerned about.  When/if it fully fails, I'll turn a wrench.

Document ID# 1580327
 Chevrolet Avalanche
Cranks But No Start, Stall, Inaccurate/Incorrect Fuel Gauge Reading, No Fuel, Vehicle is Out of Fuel and Fuel Gauge Reads Above Empty (Replace Fuel Level Sensor) #04-08-49-018E - (Jan 5, 2005)

2001-2004 Cadillac Trucks

1999-2004 Chevrolet and GMC Trucks

2004-2005 HUMMER H2

with Gasoline Engine (VINs Z, X, V, T, U, N, G,6, 8 -- RPOs LU3, LR4, LM7, LQ4, LQ9, L59, L18,LK5 , L52 )

This bulletin is being revised to include information on the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 04-08-49-018 D (Section 08 - Body and Accessories).


Some customers may comment on the vehicle stalling and will not restart, vehicle ran out of fuel, vehicle appears to be out of fuel but the fuel gauge reads above empty. The fuel gauge may read 1/4 tank.


Contamination on the fuel sending card may cause inaccurate/incorrect fuel gauge readings.


Follow the service procedure below for diagnosis and repair of this concern.

   1. Confirm that the vehicle is actually out of fuel.
             If the vehicle is not out of fuel but Engine Cranks but Does Not Run, refer to the appropriate Service Information.
             If the vehicle is out of fuel and the gauge does not read empty, test the fuel gauge. Refer to the following information:
             Fuel Gage Inaccurate or Inoperative Single Tank (SI Document ID #850196)
             Fuel Gage Inaccurate or Inoperative Dual Tanks (SI Document ID #850195)
             Fuel Gage Inaccurate or Inoperative HUMMER H2 (SI Document ID #826250)
             Fuel Gage Inaccurate or Inoperative Colorado and Canyon (SI Document ID #1292631)
   2. If testing reveals that the fuel gauge is operating correctly, replace the fuel sensor assembly and auxiliary tank fuel level sensor if equipped.
   3. Replace the fuel level sensor. Refer to the following appropriate service information:
             Fuel Level Sensor Replacement 4.8L and 5.3L Engines (SI Document ID #1332662)
             Fuel Level Sensor Replacement 6.0L Engine - Front Tank (SI Document ID #1333086)
             Fuel Level Sensor Replacement 6.0L Engine - Rear Tank (SI Document ID #1333087)
             Fuel Level Sensor Replacement 8.1L vehicles with Front Tank (SI Document ID #1333104)
             Fuel Level Sensor Replacement 8.1 L vehicles with Rear Tank (SI Document ID #1333105)
             HUMMER H2 vehicles refer to Fuel Level Sensor Replacement (SI Document ID #861702)
             Fuel Level Sensor Replacement 2.8L Engine (SI Document ID #1220030)
             Fuel Level Sensor Replacement 3.5 L Engine (SI Document ID #1219948)

That's nice information, but unfortunately would cost me about $550 for something that would potentially stop working again :-\  Again I ask is the part faulty?  Poor design?  Poor impementation?

This is the kind of little crap that would keep me from buying another Avalanche, as much as I like it.  Oh yeah, that and the now near-$50K asking price  ::)

Who cares about all that, I love the new avatar!!

It's the crap gas, not really the Av. But how were you to know? And I would imagine they would be conferring with the oil companies on this, or will use a different sender design in upcoming models.

Likely too, the reason for the "top tier" gasoline thing their doing along with Honda, Toyota and BMW.

I believe the high-sulfur fuel affected more than just GM.


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