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How to paint vent visors and bow ties

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:help: I have pretty much read through every page in this section and haven't seen anything on painting your vent visors or bow ties to color match your truck.  I've seen a lot of great looking bow ties and a few color matched vent visors but no instructions on how to do them yourself.  I figure it would be a great thing to do over the 4th of July holiday this weekend.  Any advice given would be greatly appreciated.

Buy clear ventvisors and bugshields and go to town, shouldn't be hard at all if you've rattle canned before.  I had to do the oposite and paint the outside, big paint in the bum.


for vent visor or bug deflector...

buy clear ones...

Paint back side with color of your choice... and you are done...

For bowties...
sand lightly... paint what ever colors or design you like or add decal on top...
then spray with clearcoat

All the paints can be bought at local autoparts store in spray cans...

As for the vent visors.. Just scuf them up a little and Paint.. They don't think they make clear ones anymore.

Painting the vent visors you have to buy clear ones and paint the back side after taping the front side with masking tape.  Before painting, wipe down the back side with pre-cleaner.  Naturally this works for bug shields also.


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