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What are low on freon symptoms?

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--- Quote from: tclaremont on 07/06/06 04:41 AM ---Freon is not consumed during use. If your system is low on freon then there is a leak in the system somewhere.

You can get an AC recharge for under $75 just about anywhere. But this will last only until the new freon escapes through the same hole in the system as the last freon.

Finding the leak and fixing it will likely be substantially more expensive.

--- End quote ---
good post...

AC systems are what we call closed loop.   that is where what is pumped is coming from the lines and not a tank...

Low freon symptoms..

Compressor does not click on.
Compressor cycles too fast....
Air is not cold.. but the above 2 are a better symptom...

If you are low you were low from the start, or have leak or someone messed with hose or fitting and allowed some freon to escape...

AC not blowing cold could be from other things too...

The seals tend to dry out especially over the winter when it's not used as much.  Sometimes adding refrigerant with sealer will help a small leak. 

Thanks for all the fast replies. The problem with my A/C is that it never really gets cold. This is my first GM car and I hope this isn't the coldest my A/C gets. My previous Expedition would freeze me out in 5-10 minutes with it on high.
I put it on recirculate, with both temps set to 60 (I have auto climate) and it still doesn't get that cold. Don't get me wrong, it does cool, but compared to other vehicles it is definitely lacking.
The service tech said that they measured the temp of the air coming out and said it was to specs. It was about 84 out and not that humid. I asked the service tech what the "spec" temp should be and he stated that with the weather like it is about 70. :E: He also said that if I wanted it colder, he would have to start by servicing the A/C. Kind of doesn't make sense because he just said it was working to specs.
I tried to explain how compared to other vehicles, my Avy is lacking. They responded by saying that you just cant compare vehicles and pointed out that my vehicle is black.
Oh well, time to go to another dealer.
I'll take it back to the dealer I bought it from (wasn't Chevy) and tell them to service my A/C since its still under a dealer 30 day warranty. Hopefully, that will resolve my problem.
Will keep everyone posted.

put thermometer in center dash vent...
drive on interstate at highway speeds..
put AC on coldest setting..

tell me what temp gage says for air coming out of main duct...

should be around 40-45 F in the duct...

Is there a problem when you're parked and after a few minutes the air starts blowing HOTTT?? Was in Mexico over the weekend and AC was a MUST down there, the rear view mirror temp was reading 125+ the entire time we were there.  Whenever we'd park within minutes we either had to bail from the truck since the air was hot or start driving around again. 



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