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Just picked up a Blind Spotz mirror from Pep Boys.  It fits on our AVs with adhesive and is made by Steelhorse.  Part number 8103.

It doesn't block the puddle lights underneath the mirror.  The first attachment is a front view, the second is a bottom shot.  Cost about $6.00 and each mirror is specifically made for left and right sides.

Only downside is that you won't be able to retract your mirrors safely (without possible breaking off Blind Spotz mirror).

From a safety prospective, my nephew and his little friends won't be able to sneak up on me any more.  :)  I could see down and to the left or right more because of my expanded visability.

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]

Attached is the bottom view.

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]

:1:I am glad you posted that pic on here Roarin
The ones i have seen around here are stuck on the mirror and that is where i was planning on putting them. On the mirror so it would work when you moved you mirrors. I can see your point if you close them it will hit. Looks like i will have to do without due to i have to close at least one to get in the garage. Or maybe i can find some that will mount on the mirror so i can still close them.
Is this specifically made for the AV/Tahoe/ or it is a generic????? fit all?
Thanks again, might have saved me 12 bucks

Hey Zeeya,

 It's made specifically for:

* 99-On Chevy Full Size Pickup
* 00-On Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Denali

 On the price it's 6 bucks for the set (left and right).  As far as the retracting issue, I rarely if at all have to retract mine.  

Good to know...Hey, I haven't gotten my new AV yet, they have the puddle lights???  I musta missed this... :B:


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