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Author Topic: Service Air Bag Message  (Read 2014 times)

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Service Air Bag Message
« on: 03/08/07 08:52 AM »

2007 Chevy Avalanche 1500 4WD, Z71

The service air bag message and indicator light has been coming on intermittently - seems to do it when it is really cold outside.

I took it to the dealer, they removed both front seats, inspected connectors and terminals, but could not duplicate the problem. 

They told me codes B0083 and B0084 were in history.  I have seen these codes listed in TSBs, but it never describes the problem in enough detail or suggest a way to correct the problem.  I have searched this forum and can't find any more details.

Is there anything that can be done to correct this problem?  Is it even a problem?  I just want to make sure my air bags are still functioning properly.


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Re: Service Air Bag Message
« Reply #1 on: 08/06/07 06:30 PM »


I had the same problem with my 2003 avi. . .  let me tell what happened. . .

I decided to install my sirius receiver above the rear view mirror, in that little compartment up there, so i pulled down the whole assembly.   the wires from the rear view mirror run through there, but i did not mess with them, and went on to do a nice installation of the sirius unit.   shortly i had put everything back, and all was working fine, except that i started getting the same message you do.   I went to the dealer and they told me the same thing they told you.   I did not want to pay them $110/hr to take the seats out and find nothing, so i said to myself that i'll do it one day when i have time.  

Within the next week someone bought my avi, it had been for sale, so i did not get a chance to open things up.   i had told the buyer of the airbag code and he was fine with it.

So the only thing i can think of is that since there are wires going to the rear view mirror which in turn indicates weather the passenger airbag is on or off, there may be a short somewhere in those electrical lines.   it was too coincidental that i had just messed with the cabin light fixture and then the code comes on.

I wish you luck.   It may not be related, but after hearing that they pulled your seats out and found nothing wrong, I would have looked at the wires going to the rear view mirror.

Had a 2003 Z66, sunburst, stock, sold at 110k mi, bought a 2002 white preowned with just 22k mi.   I'm back to happy :)
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