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rear axle replacement costs??

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I have a quick question for those that have replaced the rear end.  What is the average price for this?

I have a 02 z66 1500

i need to get some repair work on my axle now..dealer said could be 600-1600 to fix.  How much does this thing cost new??



Obviously depends on the problem, but the infamous "whine" cost me $1100 to replace the carrier bearings the first time and $1800 to replace the ring & pinion gears and the carrier bearings the second time. I used Reedman/Toll dealership both times, I've seen it cheaper on other threads.

same year and model here..  was about 2100 here..  But GM covered half

I've read anywhere from 2-3K on here

I would avoid a dealer for something like this. Find a goor tranny shop and you will get by much cheaper. If you are looking at going this route consider other axle ratios as well. Being you have a Z66 it wouldn't be a big deal to swap it with a 4.10 if you tow a lot or are considering a lift and bigger tires or if you already have a 4.10s and don't tow and drive highways most of the time a 3.72 or 3.42 would hep improve your MPG a little.


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