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Buying... 3.73 Or 4.10? which gear for mPG and towing

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I have had both ratios in similar GM trucks. Unless I was planning on towing a trailer close to the trailering limit, through hilly or mountanous terrain, I wouldn't let the the gear ratio be a "deal killer". I have the 3.73's currently. If I were going to order an Av, I would more than likely opt for the 4.10's.

I personally think the best all-around is the 3.73.  I tow a 6800# 30' trailer with no problems.  As it was said before, there are no quick starts but you dont want that when trailering anyway.  I used to own a truck with the 4.10 and noticed some more low end but the gas milage went in the crapper.  For the little weight and frequeny you will be towing, I would suggest the 3.73.  I dont think it will dissapoint you.  If it does then just jump over to performance mods and start modding.
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Good Luck

I wnet searchignand searching unitl  ifound a truck witht eh 4:10's  ..  I tow a 258 Searay sundancer total weight with the trailer is 9000lbs or so  the 4:10s make it a breeze  


The fuel mileage with 3.73's vs. 4.10's in a 5.3 with the 4L60E is for intense of purposes THE SAME ... I have had two identical silverados with the 5.3... One with each gear... On the Highway on regular 500 mile trips, the 4.10 BEAT the 3.73 by 1 to 1.5 MPG... This is in mountanious/rolling terrain... I have found that the 4.10 lugs the motor less, and overall throttle application is LESS with the 4.10's under cruise control...

Personally, through my experiences with both gears in a 5,000# truck with a 5.3 engine, 4.10 is the better gear for all uses... The 5.3 is just not a stump puller from a stop much less with a trailer of any weight...

Now add almost 1,000# to the same driveline, (Avalanche) and the decision is clear...

The 5.3 is happier with a heavy truck and 4.10's ... This is based on having 4 5.3 trucks...  ;D

Another thing that you get with 4.10's is less driveline strain from a stop... This will help the 4L60E run "lighter" ... That's why you get another 900#'s of factory rated tow capacity with the 4.10's ...

Summary: A 4WD 1500 Avalanche with no added weight, is the same thing as a 2WD Silverado 5.3 pulling a 2,000# trailer around 24/7 ... Now... Which gears would you want in the Silverado? ...

Let's take it a step further... Add a couple light Jet Skis behind that 1500 4x4 Avalanche... Now that Silverado I mention above is pulling a 3,000# trailer... We would never think an Avalanche 1500 and a little 1,000# trailer is squat, but you would consider the Silverado with a 3,000# trailer a thought ...


P.S. The only thing I can think of being a benefit of 3.73's in the Avalanche 4x4, is they are a bit stronger in construction than a 4.10 ... (But ya don't hear of many Avalanche rear diffs failing, with ANY gear) ... Here's a neat story : I bought my 2002 Z71 Av with 3.73's because that's all they had on the lot ... I bought my truck from the guy who orders the trucks at my dealership... I told him the AV is happier with 4.10's ... He said, 3.73's make more torque sooner because of the lower number... Well, let's just say he had his wires crossed... He thought he was ordering a deeper gear for towing as 3.73 is a "lower" number... Once I proved to him the 4.10 was a deeper gear, he was embarrased... LOL ... Now every 2003 1500 Avalanche on the lot has 4.10's ... I bet lots o guys are happy '03 owners thanks to me ...  :8:  ... I wish someone like me enlightened him before "me" wanted a 2002 !!! ... (I guess you could say, I don't like my 3.73's)  :C:

Personally I love 4.10's.  :1:

The main reason I went for them, was for the area I live in.  It's not a mountainous area, but there are very very few straight flat sections of road around.  Not even on the highways.  There's nothing I hate more than a tranny which needs to be constantly downshifted for hills.  I'm not saying the 3.73's will do that, just I wanted to take any "if's" out of the equasion if the tranny ended up being too shifty for me.  :)

Just about everything I own, I swap deepers gears on.  My streetbike - geared for a local track (not for a top speed of 170's)... dirtbike and quad - geared for tight woods riding...

In all honesty, if I lived in a completely flat area, I'm 90% sure I'd go for the 3.73's for any chance of better fuel mileage.  But for my terrain, I think the 4.10's were the better choice for my application.



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