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Accelerator position via the OBD II

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By any chance does anyone know if it is possible to determine the accelerator position through the OBD port on a 2004 Avalanche?  I am trying to install a major mod to noticeably improve gas mileage and performance.  I know this sounds like a long shot but I am installing an electric motor between the transmission and the differential.  I have already installed batteries and a charging system allowing me to plug in to get about a gallon of energy from the wall for about $.25/gal.  Then when I drive around town the system will try to use the electric motor to help push the truck saving gas. 

A shop in Colorado has taken a 1999 Tahoe from 12 MPG to 19 on in-town driving and another person in Chicago has seen a 28% gain on a 1996 Blazer.  But to my knowledge I am the first to try this on a newer GM truck.  We we are tapping into the OBD to capture the accelerator postion, along with other data.  Except in my case I am 99% sure what the system is seeing is the throttle postion, the postion of the throttle body not the postion of the accelerator. 

I know we have some guys on this forum that have some deep technical knowledge and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  Thank you

yes...it is called the TPS and it is measured in % opened. (and yes, it's status is available through the OBDII port.)
Good luck!

Yep... it can also be manually controlled with tools within HPT.... :thumbsup:

EDIT: I was travelling on the road yesterday and had to keep it short while I was driving. You are correct to assume the tuners log throttle position with a throttle position sensor (TPS). On the older Av's the throttle was cable driven, but on yours (and mine) it is drive by wire. The accelerator position is fed into the TAC unit located on the engine firewall next to the steering column. The throttle accuator unit drives the throttle plate by converting the accelerator postion switch output to as 0-5 vdc signal for throttle positioning. Get with DrX... I believe he did some work previously with the TAC unit output to correctly drive the 90MM throttle plate on a TB conversion he was doing for the Radix crowd...

PM me if you need further info....

Good Luck.

BTW, I am in Tennessee for the next several weeks if you need to see what the HP Tuners package does on a 2004 AV. I can actually tune your truck while we are at it, since I hold a license for all 2004 Avalanches.


Little late but.......You can log Accelerator Pedal Position if that's what you are asking.  Or you can tap directly into the APP sensor output if you require an input for something linked to APP.


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