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CAFCNA Magazine March 2002

Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls

You've seen them as optional equipment on GMC trucks and Cadillac models.  Now you can have the same OEM audio controls for your Chevrolet Avalanche.  Read more now!

Washing Your Avalanche

Want to keep your Chevrolet Avalanche looking showroom new?  With a little elbow grease and about one to two hours of your time, Mark Brustowicz goes over the ins and outs of washing your Avalanche.  Read more now!

Poweraid Throttle Body PictureInstalling a Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer On The 5.3 Liter V-8

What costs $110, takes about a half-hour to install, and can increase torque, horsepower and fuel mileage?  Well read more now to find out how to boost the performance of your CK1500 Avalanche!

What Is That Flapping Noise?

So you installed a bug shield on your Chevy Avalanche.  It looks good, you followed the instructions, you're on top of the world.  But the first time you go out on the highway you're wondering what went wrong.  What on earth is that terrible noise that sounds like rain hitting the windshield?  Well read on about the part of the installation that wasn't covered in your instructions!  Read more now!

Featured Reader Ride

Chevy Avalanche Fan Club of North America March Reader RideMajor kudos goes out to Ken Barker showing his American pride on his Chevrolet Avalanche.  Ken did the work himself using a rear window vinyl sticker on his Light Pewter colored Avalanche.  He said that it took about two hours to do and the graphic works really well on his truck.  Despite living in a cold gritty climate, the decal work is holding up well.

Take that Osama bin Laden!