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To create and foster an open community on-line, in print and in-person where all Chevy Avalanche and Cadillac EXT enthusiasts can share their advice and knowledge and enjoy their common interest and passion in all things relating to the Avalanche and EXT.


January 10, 2002 by David H. Obelcz
Site went live January 15, 2002


Over 650 pages of information, both static and dynamically generated with approximately 50 pages added each month.  This does not include the online discussion forum, which has in excess of 618,000 posts.

Registered Members

In excess of 10,750, which gives us a direct reach to more than 4.2% of all Chevrolet Avalanche owners

Unique Visitors Per Month:

Over 30% of our members login to our website at least once every 30 days.  As of December 2003 CAFCNA was in the top 80,000 websites on the Internet, based on unique visitors.  Further, CAFCNA has become the most visited web destination for Chevrolet truck owners, excluding web properties owned by General Motors.

Page Views Per Month:

in excess of 1.75 million, CAFCNA


Released on a case by case basis

Mean Visitors Demographics:

94% male
5% female
86% of members have attended some college or are a college graduate
74% of members have a household income in excess of $50,000 a year
78% of members are between 25 to 54 years old
74% of members plan to make an online purchase within the next six months

Key Partners, Affiliates & Technology Providers:

  • General Motors Corporation (Grant Of Permission)

  • X-Null Software

  • Webteacher Software

  • Cafe Press

  • Burst Media

  • Generous donations from several silent partners

Homepage Features:

This is the main portal page to featured content.  Main features include links to all the major topic centers, Resources, Forums, Fun Stuff, Meetings, Adventure and the Club Store.  Additional features include the ten most recent posts in the Forum, ability to login, join as a member, merchandise featured in the Club Store, featured stories from the latest edition of CAFCNA Magazine, free resources, and travel resources.


Broken down into four areas, Resources provides the visitor with promotional tools including brochures that members can hand out to other prospective members, and information for Chevrolet and Cadillac dealerships.  Avalanche owners can review the online Owner's Manual, explore the FAQ and knowledge base, and look up part numbers specific to the Chevrolet Avalanche for accessories and customization.  Finally visitors can explore a library of Chevrolet Avalanche related links and check up on the latest automotive news headlines.


The Chevy Avalanche Fan Club Forum has over 618,000 posts and more than 10,750 registered members.  Visitors can post in 169 different categories and all boards are moderated by Avalanche enthusiasts.  Key features include an interactive calendar that keeps track of major club events across the nation, television shows featuring the Chevrolet Avalanche, and birthdays of registered members.  The Chevy Avalanche Fan Club has an online interactive chat every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Pacific Time.

Fun Stuff:

Visitors to this area can find a number of interactive services and information on merchandise and contests.  Key features include a user survey that is updated once or twice a month.  Access to CAFCNA Magazine, an online periodical featuring Avalanche related stories published preiodically.  Visitors can download a free Chevrolet Avalanche screen saver for computers with the Windows Operating System.  They can also send an online post card to their friends selecting from over a dozen Chevrolet Avalanche related photographs.


This section lets visitors register with one of over forty local area clubs across the United States.  Club meetings have already been held in San Antonio, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, Seattle, Washington, Wilmington, Delaware, Indianapolis, Indiana, Los Angeles, California, and Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  Other meetings are pending in El Paso, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Created in cooperation with OutdoorPlaces.Com, one of the internets premier independent online magazines, Avalanche owners can read up on featured travel destinations across North America.  Also featured is an interactive travel planner with information on over 500 parks across the United States.

Club Store:

Working with Cafe Press visitors are offered t-shirts to tote bags, mouse pads to mugs, and boxer shorts to bucket hats.  Featured products include limited edition products like steel travel mugs and long sleeve hooded sweat shirts.  Additional merchandise offered includes club logos.  Proceeds from all sales go to funding the website.

Club members can also buy Chevy Avalanche Fan Club decals for their Chevy Avalanche to display.  Proceeds also go to the funding of the website.

A partner and group discount section provides a way for retailers to make members only offers.

Press, Partner, Advertising and Acquisition Inquiries:

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Chevy Avalanche Fan Club of North America
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Edmonds, Washington 98020
Phone:  (206) 669-1316
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February 2005