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Avalanche Color Codes
Light Pewter
11U WA-382E
41U WA-8555
43U WA-5456
Dark Green Metallic
47U WA-9539
Medium Sage Green Metallic
45U WA-605H
Summit White
50U WA-8624
Sunset Orange Metallic
71U WA-633H
Victory Red
74U WA-9260
Arrival Blue
91U WA-815K
Indigo Blue Metallic
Medium Gray Cladding
Dark Gray Cladding
Code pending

Sport Wing Spoiler

Sportwing, Inc. has strived to deliver the very best products to you in the shortest amount of time possible. Using only the finest raw materials available, our products are subjected to rigorous testing and are backed by warranties comparable to that of the factory. Our motto is "The Difference is Quality and Service," and the proof has been our ability to stay atop an extremely competitive market for over twenty-five years.

  • Made from hand-laid fiberglass

  • Painted to match factory color

  • All mounting hardware included


Order your Sport Wing spoiler as a member of the Chevrolet Avalanche Fan Club and get special pricing.

IMPORTANT:  If you're ordering for a paint to match kit please reference the color code to the left when ordering!

Painted To Match Spoiler
A sport wing spoiler painted to match the color of your Avalanche  When ordering please mention CAFCNA.

$244.25 $219.23

Call (800) 899-1516 to place your order NOW!
Primer Coated Spoiler
A sport wing spoiler for the Chevrolet Avalanche unpainted but coated in primer.  When ordering please mention CAFCNA.

$188.75 $178.75

Call (800) 899-1516 to place your order NOW!


  • None

Special Tools:

  • None