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  1. M

    2004 Avalanche z66 radio

    I have a 2004 Avalanche with a Bose sound system, problem is the radio won't work until it gets warm? No door chime, nothing until it starts working. When I say warm I mean that literally, the face of the radio gets hot haha. Sometimes it will take an hour plus to kick on, sometimes it takes...
  2. D

    Solid truck or money pit?

    Hey all, I'd love to get some experienced thoughts on an Avalanche I'm considering buying. I'm mechanically inclined and pretty handy but I don't know the full ins and outs of the truck world yet. 2004 Z71 trim, 196k miles. Upstate NY car, but the entire frame is extremely solid. Typical rust...
  3. T

    Which Actuator has Overall Control of Temperature?

    Greetings all, You can read a summary of my issue below. In my research, I now know there are actually 3 actuators for this dual-zone digital system. My issue is NOT a floor/dash, passenger/driver, fresh/recirculate/defrost issue - it is a hot/cold issue from all vents. I thought I would try...
  4. DKraim

    Rusting Under Passanger Rear Cladding

    I have been debating on what to do for the rusted passanger rear fender. After Pulling the cladding off i found out the previous owner bondo and fiber-glassed it and now has rust under. So far i have sanded and cut out the junk but there was a good chunk that needs to be replaced now. My...