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  1. xKingdom

    (Complete) 2014+ Silverado Rear Bumper Swap

    Hey fellas, I asked about it awhile back and nobody had stepped up to the plate and done an actual bumper swap. Well, good news! I finished the swap in a weekend, I started with a brand new oem 2017 silverado bumper. Then I modified the existing bumper brackets to bolt to the new brackets. Then...
  2. xKingdom

    2008 avalanche z71 front bumper swap

    Like the title says… I have a 2008 LS package avalanche can I throw on a Z71 front bumper er no?
  3. xKingdom

    2007-2013 Metal off-road bumper

    Hey all, attached I have a picture of the type of bumper I want. I have access to a waterjet table, and I'm wondering if anyone could find a design or cad project for this bumper or similar. I would obviously cut it out and paint it myself. Here is the bumper look i'm going for
  4. xKingdom

    2014 rear bumper on a 2008 avalanche???

    I'll cut straight to the point. My dad has a 2017 Duramax and it has the coolest bumper I've ever seen on a Silverado. It has pretty much the same concept as the avalanche and I was wondering if anyone has put one on an avi. My truck has no backup camera or sensors. I saw an image on this forum...