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  1. xKingdom

    Getting my 08 to Burnem

    Hey all, I have an 08 with the standard 5.3, I keep trying to get it to squeal the tires because I know it's capable but I just can't get it too. I would like to put a switch in to turn off the rev limiter because even with the traction control off, I seem to get stuck in the snow because it...
  2. broley72

    Why can’t I turn the wheels over on pavement?

    So I have a 2010 LTZ 4 x 4 with a 6.2 L engine. Yes they made those in Canada and 2010 only. The issue I’m having is I feel I should be able to do large burnouts however I can’t get the wheels to turn over on pavement. Yes I turned Traction control off. I have plenty of experience with power...