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electrical problems

  1. M

    2004 Z66 lighting problems

    For reasons that I cannot explain, my cluster, radio, and climate control all get super dark to where I can't read anything. It will be fine and then while I'm driving, it's goes dark. Eventually it comes back on 🤷🏽‍♂️ Also worth noting that my radio doesn't work, I think it's the amp...
  2. JLM09LTZ

    Help!! ECM???

    So to start, I have a 2009 Avalanche LTZ 5.3 LMG with a little over 235k on it. On Thursday 10/28, I drove across town to spend time with my daughter. On the way there, I stopped at two different grocery stores. When I came out, both times, the truck started and ran fine. Got to my daughters...
  3. J

    chasing more electrical issues and have some ???

    2007 5.3 ly5. 365k miles dod delete, diablo predator 2 running stock tune with no dod, new battery ,new alternator so a small history of what I am seeing or dealing with. I am having issues with one part making other parts malfunction. I had a collapsed dod lifter that made the transmission...