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  1. D

    Am I crazy, did I bump my head?

    I’m very confused here in ny. I own and drive a 2002 Chevy avalanche, 2500. It has an 8.1 vortex engine. So it has two gas tanks, not sure the engineering behind that. I’ve been having trouble with an occasional gas leak. It comes from the rear tank. It pukes gas only once in a while and only on...
  2. J

    Gas milage - how to get better?

    Hello, newbie here,,I would love to get better gas milage,,i average around 12,,,, given this is a4 wheel drove,, only has 123000 miles,, any ideas, thanks Jeff
  3. Mr.G

    E85 Flex Fuel Do you run it yes or no

    I just want to see how many of us 2007 newer 5.3L Flex owners Still run the E85 Flex fuel or not, and hears why. Last year when I had my 07 at the Dealer for repairs, they told me not to run Flex fuel because it was bad for the engine even though the engine was designed and built to run E85...