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  1. xKingdom

    08 Avalanche go fast parts - CAM, DOD delete kits?

    Hey guys I got a bit of a lifter tick today, I have no desire to get my lifters repaired so I’d like to delete them completely. Does anyone have any recommendations for what cam/kit I should buy? What other mods can I do? I’d like to make it as fast and powerful as I can for being a tank. And...
  2. O

    Got About 6k in for my 05 Avy. Best performance upgrades??

    Back on here after selling my 03 avy 3 years ago and regretted it since. Bought a 05 4X4 couple weeks ago and some lady pulled out in front of me! Long story short I'm cashing out from insurance and going to do all the work myself so I can do what I want to the truck. As for performance...