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  1. K

    From cloth to leather? Seat swapping questions

    We've got a dog that sheds like craaaazy. I'd really like to do some OEM leather rather than after market covers as my wife would like heat as well. What's involved in the swap? I'd prefer chev ones but open to escalade as well if the price is right. I see cooling is a thing? Am I set up to...
  2. G

    Driver power seat

    Newbie here, I need help wit my 02 avalanche driver seat. Truck is parked at the moment waiting for a transmission replacement, went to move it to trailer it and needed to move the seat back(wife drove it last), seat doesnt move any direction. 6 way power heated seat,checked, have power every...
  3. R

    Seat swap

    I have a 04 avy with a power drivers seat cloth seat. Would like to upgrade to leather a must with my service dog. Need a good power seat for drivers will add seat heaters for front. It doesn’t matter if the passenger seat is power. What donor vehicles do I look for for bolt down. I’m not that...