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    Broken hinges on sun roof

    2003 z71 sunroof hinges broke on both sides as well as the connecting strips. There is a great post on how to fix the connecting strips but nothing on a broken hinge. any suggestions?
  2. D

    02 avelanche sunroof replacement parts

    I'm in need of replacement guides, spring clips that attach wind deflector to sunroof frame, and sunshade w/control arms as well. I would appreciate any advice on how to get these parts.
  3. R

    Rain water leaking inside cabin from high 2013

    2013 Avalanche 2WD (probably same issue that a Tahoe and Suburban could have). Short story: Rainwater on the floorboard while parked during a rain storm. Problem was the driver side sunroof drain hose had separated from the fitting. Took off the sunvisor and got between the headliner and roof...
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    LTZ Sunroof Trouble/Help

    Hey all! So a piece of this is to help some folk who may need it. My 2007 (07') LTZ recently had the sunroof stuck to open recently, and it is on it's last leg to say the least. The motor wasn't failed (at least completely) because it would open/close but would get stuck closed partially...