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throttle body

  1. K

    tps, p1516,p2101, stabila track light, traction control light, reduced engine power

    Hey, I have a 2007 Avalanche LTZ 5.3 I had the codes 1516,2101 before and just cleaned the throttle body and cleared codes. then all was well. Now I have had the Stabilatrac light come on then the traction control light. It then surges, the check engine light comes on then says reduced engine...
  2. ninerav66

    Throttle Blade Stuck Open... WTH?!?!

    OK... First, I'm not sure if this is the right area or this issue has been previously posted.. so I apologize if it's a repeat. Secondly, I have a 2002 Z66 1500 that is giving me a little bit of an issue. I replaced the pigtail connector (Brown / Yellow wire) that goes into the throttle motor...