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traction control

  1. TFjed

    '05 Z71 Will Not Start After Maintenance

    Got my engine all buttoned up after the oil pump, timing chain etc. and now it won't start. Turns over and over then stops after awhile. There are messages about servicing the brake system as well as stability, and the TC light and ABS lights are on. I'm waiting for new lower control arms...
  2. xKingdom

    Getting my 08 to Burnem

    Hey all, I have an 08 with the standard 5.3, I keep trying to get it to squeal the tires because I know it's capable but I just can't get it too. I would like to put a switch in to turn off the rev limiter because even with the traction control off, I seem to get stuck in the snow because it...
  3. 2

    Lines Replaced - Brake Warning and TC Light Stay On

    Got a weird one here, hopefully someone's seen this before. 2005 Avalanche with 176K. Had a rear brake line fail, so I had it replaced only to have another line fail under the driver side door where multiple lines come from the engine bay. So, bit the bullet and had ALL the lines replaced from...
  4. T

    Brake Light Switch Issue

    Hi everyone - 2007 Chevy Avalanche I searched but could not find an answer to my issue. My traction control and ABS lights are on so I swapped in a new brake light switch. The screw that secures the switch was gone. Installed the new switch without the screw. Lights go off but just...