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transfer case

  1. D

    2005 Avalanche Transfer Case

    Hey all, wanted to pick the hive mind on an issue I'm seeing with my 05 avalanche, 180k miles. It appears the 4wd transfer case is leaking fluid from the rear output shaft seal. My mechanic is going to look into it more tomorrow, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had issues with these...
  2. T

    2004 Avalanche Z71 4x4 Drive Train Squeaking/Chirping

    My truck developed a squeaking/chirping noise while in motion. The noise slowed down and totally stopped as the truck rolled to stop. I suspected that it was a wheel bearing, CV axle (front), axle bearing (rear), universal joint or something else. Given the high frequency of the noise, it seemed...
  3. Jeffrey1988

    Transmission's skip or mis

    My wife's 02 Avalanche was running fine and still does. Here's the set up to the problem. We recently had an unusual amount of snow in the area we just moved into. She's had her truck for about a year and we've put a lot of miles on it without issues. Mostly hwy miles but some city but no off...
  4. 0

    Wrong fluid in my transfer case.

    While rebuilding my transfer case I soaked the clutch parts for the 4wd in the wrong type of fluid, SAE 80W-90 instead of the Auto-Trak II. I realized pretty soon after and went about changing the fluid but I was wondering, will this cause issues later? Should I use some form of...
  5. 0

    Won't shift into gear.

    02' 1500 I recently got my transmission rebuilt and it was running fine. However during the process I damaged the transfer case shift motor and I couldn't get out of 4wd. I replaced it but now my truck won't go into gear at all, and everyone I shift back to park there's a loud creaking sound.