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  1. StPatty33

    Looking to Buy Used--Have a Couple Concerns

    Hello, all! Long time no chat! I owned an '07 sunburst orange II that I absolutely loved, but traded it in for a '13 with all the bells and whistles I'd wished I'd had the first time around. Then a divorce happened and well, no more Avalanche. Finally back on my feet and looking at picking up...
  2. R

    Prospective buyer… question about wheels and gear ratios

    Hi all. Thanks for taking an interest. So, I’m just researching the EXT and I see that the two more expensive trim levels (Lux and Prem) come with 22” wheels whereas the base trim has 18” wheels. Does the rear differential gear ratio and or tranny gear ratios change with the wheel size? I...
  3. B

    24” rims rubbing on wheel well

    I recently got some 24” rims 295/40R24 the front wheels rub mostly when I do left turns. Is it the tire size? I’ve seen other Avys on 26s! What should I do?
  4. B

    Thunderer Trac Grip M/T LT 295/70R17 Load E 10 Ply MT Mud Tire

    I have a 2003 Avy Z71 go off road maybe twice a month would these tires be a good option for my stock wheels and would I have to make any modifications?