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02 AV problems


New Member
Apr 6, 2007
:help: i have a 02 AV with 62000 miles, will have had it for 4 years next month with no problems.On wed my problems began every time i would move the tilt steering the cluster would go out and come back on. On Thursday the cluster would not come on and the truck when driving sound like it was stuck in 3rd gear. Took tuck to dealer today and was told ignition switch need replaced, transmission valve body need  replaced, need to rebuild cluster all of the problems began with no warning, just need some advice on what dealer stated was the problem, any help will be greatly appreciated.
Go with that ignition switch and forget the rest. That switch can cause all of the described problems, I would find it strange to get all of the problems at once if they are not related!

Hi, new to the forum but am hoping someone can offer advice on this old thread.
I have a 02 avalanche with 130,000 miles, something like this just happened to mine. truck starts great but as soon as I touch the tilt steering to move into driving position the dash gauges go out and it drives like it is in another gear. If I leave the tilt up things work fine.
If you feel it is the ignition switch does that mean the key cylinder only or does that mean the wiring harness assembly or should I be changing both?
Thanks for your help.
if you are not having issues with the key turning or getting stuck dont worry about the key cylinder. get the harness, just have to figure out if it is the 10 or 14 pin main connecter.
There is a zip tie holding the wires under cover right behind the wheel
Clip it off(the zip tie), it pulls on the wires when u tilt the wheel.
I had similar issues with my 2002 Sierra.
Problems solved