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02 avalanche engine died


New Member
Jun 26, 2007
My 02 avalanche 1500 has 89,000 miles and just had the first problem last week. Engine died while driving down the highway at 75 mph. The fuse that goes to the fuel pump and gauge on the dash had blown. Put new fuse in it? and drove for a week and fuse blew again. Tonight on the way home from work 15 miles I blew 3 fuses anyone had this problem?

Only 1 modifications? Electric brake Box for pulling a trailer. The fuse is a 20 amp fuse located under the hood in fuse box named ECM B

No lights until engine dies then oil pressure light comes on and low fuel light comes on.
welcome to the club
member Alaska_AV has been through a few fuel pumps, I don't specifically remember him saying the fuse blew though
Welcome to club...

Need more info..

actual fuse name please.

Any check engine lights?
Any other things acting funny?
also do you have any other mods?