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02 Avalanche, The Original Avalanche



back in 1964 i got a 64 gto tripower,4-speed metallic brake 3.90 posi 1st year of the gto, in 65, the hp went to 360, ram air came out,66 had bigger carbs,67 great styling, and so on . they were all great cars!!! I think the avalanche parallels the gto as being the first of a breed, but the ORIGINAL avalanches are the first year introduction, that we took a chance on the new styling, the cladding the midgate, and so on... new models will have new options we will mod back in to our/ 02s, and as the years go by and the avalanches cruise the streets, I,m gonna try to make my old"ORIGINAL" run with them all. knowing we are a breed apart... rolling mile, after modded mile!!!!!
Got_power, that's a great year for the GTO -- do you still have it? :D

:cautious: I wonder if the Av will be like the 55-57 Chevy Nomads, built for three years and now a nice collector. In either case, it's nice to be in at the ground floor. ;D
+congelado, gto is long gone, i have a lot of scars, steel plates in my arms a lot of pictures and the original window sticker,, big light pole took gto away from me back in 1974.... but you picked up on it, ..man... the av is.. the.... nomad... now we got the ride..av brother!!!
I hope they make the AV more than 3 years, I'm going to want a new one someday and it'll be more than 2 years from now.

I'm with you mmdavidw

I hope to buy another av in about 5 years or so. Hope there still making them. And, with cladding!
KEGGER! i did not want to mention the clad, thing, in the same breath, as, THE ORIGINAL AV, but darn it i like my clad!!! yeah ive drilled some holes in it here and there,and thats a good thing, wanna make em disappear, pop on a new piece of clad! I have not seen an 03 av in person, I know i will like it though. front bumper looks different in pics, and i wonder if regular truck and av share bumper, and front fenders in 03.. I know the original av front fenders have areas cut out in them behind the clad( front fender air extractor) because i drilled clad there, and did not havt to drill metal, to let the hot air out. I never would have drilled the metal fender, so that would be 1 less mod if got change was 03 model. any how as we talk it up on 03,s, i'm looking forward to see from front bumper to trailer hitch whats different to keep up on av trivia. and you know where i,ll be looking?? right here on the chiefs club site!! and you know who will inform me??? guys like you and me, in this club, they callAV!
original avalanche update: by: GOT CHANGE daayaammmnnnn picked up a ...trucking mag and saw they called our 02's having less than an 03 ...and you know what they called it?????????DIGNITY...............,.. hey , video or movie title, nope ! but my ride is absolutely damn sure, 22,ooo mile modded up no, problem dignitymodded , AVALANCHE just because i like..............my avalanche does what i want p.s. I'm gonna drop this post once i quit talking to myself. ok?av?
Hey guys, I had a 66 GTO and if I could only have it back. What a great ride. Oh well my 2002 AV will have to do. I love it but the GTO will forever have a place in my heart..........


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tractman, we live and we die, and what we have in between is memories.

Those old gtos gave us plenty of memories, and right now my av is not to shabby about giving me a new set!
dmacker, you got it bud, we are riding in what got it started!!

and a bunch of us will ride it out in the old, plain avalanche, midgated, and modded ride of the new millenium

dayamn, it now

i gotta drop in another mod, just to keep up!!!