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03 Bench Seat Center Seat



I've been reading search results for an hour now with no luck...
anyone have any hints on removing the center seat on a bench equipped '03?
I remember reading somewhere long, long ago, that you had to remove the
other seats and I'm kinda worried about setting off airbags :)
Believe this is the same as my silverado. The frame that holds the center seat is held down by the other seats. I had to remove the bolts on the driver and pass seat. The heads have a weird bolt pattern but average tool kits will have something that works. Then flip both seats one at a time up from the middle and towards the outside (door open) and lift center seat bracket out one side at a time. This way you dont have to remove seats or disconnect them. When this center seat is gone remember you now have no armrest. Just checked my 03 av and this looks like the process is the same. Dont think this will set off airbag as it didn't on the silverado but if worried just remove airbag fuse.