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03 console in an 02 fitment ?'s


SM 2006
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Oct 6, 2004
yes, i searched, but didn't find the answer i neeed. 

I know the 03+ console doesn't fit in an 02 without swapping the lower dash portion. 

Does the console not fit on the left or on the right?  I couldn't find a used piece, so now I'm thinking about cutting in the console.  My console is in pieces and I'm trying to figure this out before i put it back together.  It might save me some trouble knowing where it doesn't fit before I get started.
It should be the right side, if I understand what your asking.  The glove box bezel piece will need to pe cut. (if you cant replace it)
thx, J.  yup. thats what I'm wondering.  I'll be cutting the console just in case I scew something up.