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03 DGM WBH Av Owners



Just washed my new 03 DGM av WBH for the first time today. One thing I noticed, that I have not noticed before, on my av is the molding below the front bumper is the old light grey color and not the new darker grey . I was woundering if any of you other owners have the same light grey molding below the front bumper. All other molding, rear bumper, tailgate and the molding on the top of the front bumper is the new dark grey. Could you check and let me know. I think it would look a lot better with the dark grey all the way around. Check out my picture and you can see what I am talking about. Thanks.

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That's probably a completely un-related issue, because, though the 2003's with cladding got "darker" stuff, yours doesn't have any cladding at all and has Silverado pieces. The only "Av cladding" are the sail panels and the strip across the tailgate.

It's just that the pieces you're talking about aren't "Av-only". That, and after looking at your pics, it was probably intentionally done by the designers for looks--even though you don't like it personally.

Hope this helps!
Yes my Charcoal Grey WBH has the ligh grey plastic below the front bumper. All the ones I have seen are the same. I agree darker would look better. Might look to see if I can rip that piece off and paint it dark charcoal.
As stated, the WBH has the Silverado front end and ALL GM's trucks since '99 have that same lower valance. The possible exception being the top of the line like the Z71 Tahoe/Sub. with the monochrome treatment. Sucks don't it.
That too bothered me :8:. I removed it and painted it black. I used one can of Krylon gloss black plastic paint. Cost me $5. Did the grill too while I was at it. Looks way :D.
TLR-NUT said:
That too bothered me :8:. I removed it and painted it black. I used one can of Krylon gloss black plastic paint. Cost me $5. Did the grill too while I was at it. Looks way :D.

any chance you could get some close up pics of the paint job on the lower piece.

I too have DGM WBH and would like to see how your mod looks......the other thing that really bugs me is the Dark grey leather interior with everything above the pillars being a tan interior including visors and roof storage, talk about Fugly...

oh well, we didnt realize it until after we bought it..
:E: :E: Now youve gone and done it. I never noticed until this post. This may keep me up all night. What the hay were they thinking?... Ack phwoot thewy :D: My Ave is no longer perfect :C: :8:... Just Kidding Still love my truck and its three tone front bumper...... Dark, Chrome and light plasteek. If its anything like the Aircraft Industry some body in GM Purchasing probably added a few zeros or forgot a decimil point faxed the order to their out side production vendor for the light color pieces and were stuck with all the extras (as Homer would say DOOOH) now they are trying to use up the excessive stock before rotating any new pieces in ;) and in 3-4 years it will all match :2: ;D hahahaha

How about that. I can not believe I never even noticed that on my DGM WBH. I agree it would look better in darker color to match the rest but it is not a big deal with me. I would like to see the one that is painted so see how it looks. Post a pic please :eek:
Well, the fact that most of you didn't notice until now should help, right?

Yep, the light gray is on my 03 LPM WBH too... as well as on my 99 Ram QuadCab .. i guess the bumper makers like light gray :2:
That's a bummer. Seems like they would have matched the darker cladding that's on the back bumper. But even if not that, they should have at least matched the darker cladding that's on the top half of the FRONT bumper. They've got the chrome sandwiched between two different colors of plastic. :( Guess it's not my concern since I don't have one, but I certainly feel your frustration on that point.
if anyone wants to remove it for painting, it tells you how to remove this piece in the owners manual, at least it did in the manual for the 3/4 ton desiel I had as a rental till I bought my Av. It is a breeze to remove. Tells you in the owners Man. to remove it for added offroad clearance. But also states to reinstall before going on the highway.

(going off memory from 3 months ago)

Grey_Av :B:
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Mine too the plastic is gray I might paint mine black so it match the top one



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TLR-NUT said:
That too bothered me :8:. I removed it and painted it black. I used one can of Krylon gloss black plastic paint. Cost me $5. Did the grill too while I was at it. Looks way :D.

When I had my WBH Av in the shop I talked to them about painting the same area. The guy told me that the material is not good for paint. He said, "I've been painting cars and trucks for 27 years and I know that you cannot paint that material well". He said that the paint won't hold up. He said in a year it will look like crap. That's what he said- I'm just delivering the message.
yeah, painting it would be great, but after a while the flexing of that plastic, rock chips etc. will make it look like crap.... light gray specks and cracks through black plastic.

i wonder what themotivation is... it's also on all the Silverados, Suburbans, and Tahoes.
I'm scared to paint mine but, I also think it would look a lot better if it was a darker color. I tried to paint the plastic valance on my isuzu and it looked nasty. Started to chip and crack after a few days.
I really dislike the gray/tan headliner also. I was thinking about just having it redone at a later time.
Of course mine is light grey too. I spoke with my friend who has an autobody shop and he said that he could paint it, no prob. He said it should look fine for a few years with the right prepping.

Once my lift is put on I'm definitely going to get this done. Maybe the cladding on the rear too. ; ;)