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07 Factory Remote Start Fails to start


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Aug 28, 2006
Houston TX
I've got an 07 with factory remote start and randomly the vehicle will not start with remote start.  It will crank for about a 1/2 second and shut off.  It will then start with the key and remote start will work subsequently. 

The dealer looked at it for 2 days and of course it started every time, but I have a video I made of it not starting so they know there is a problem, but don't know what is wrong. 

Has anybody else had a problem with remote start?  My dealership says they have never heard of this happening, and Chevy is unfamiliar too.  I'm about to pull my hair out because I never know if the stupid thing is going to work. 


- Jonathan
My wifes suburban has done it before. The last time it did it the battery was dead as he!! the next morning. They had a reflash that was suppose to cure the dead battery issue. Who knows, maybe that helped the no start issues also.
my 07 LTZ's remote start doesn't work at all.  i tried the double lock button trick in the other thread and it didnt work

aggravating.  this on top of the rain sensing wipers not working pisses me off.
My LTZ remote start goes on the fritz too...sometimes it just doesn't work.  The range on the remote is pretty pathetic too. 
Check this link out, there is a upgrade to the computer the dealer can do... I didn't have any problems with mine before I had it done but it doesn't hurt to get it done anyways:
Key fob issues
The dealer downloaded the new firmware for the body control module but it didn't address my problem.  In other words sometimes it fails to start. 

From what I saw on an Edmunds forum someone said the engine is setting a code which causes it to shut down during the remote start sequence.  But after you start it with the key the code must be cleared because they found nothing.  And of course I it didn't happen while the dealer had it for two days, so I have nothing except a vehicle that won't work as it's supposed to.