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07 National Event table of contents: (helping you find the information you need)


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Here is a list of topics for the 2007 Nationals with links and descriptions to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Welcome to the 2007 NCAGTG Section!
Announcement and general discussion.

General Motors and the 2007 Nationals
Announcing General Motors involvement.

Schedule of Events
Complete list of daily activities.

Would you like to go Off-Roading?
Join the fun and go Four Wheeling!

Would you like to go fishing?
You could catch the Big One!

Registration Information
Register before June 21st, 2007

Officially Registered list..
A list of those attending with a map of the States attending.

What route will you be taking?
See if you can hook up with others on the way there!

Charity Beneficiary - Children's Home Society
Help some children while having fun.

Christmas in July
Make some children happy!

Drive-athon for the Children's Home Society
Raise a dontation for every mile driven to the Nationals.

Hotel Information
Rates and Locations.

If you're camping..
Hook up with others that are camping.

Silent Auction
List of items available to bid on.

Participating Sponsors and Raffle Items
Sponsor list and donations.

South Dakota trivia contest.. Do you know the answers?
Try your luck, You just might win!

Keeping your Avalanche clean at the Nationals
Everyone loves a clean Avalanche!

Intersting Site About the Black Hills
Facts, Myths and Legends.

Committee Members
List and contact information.

Event Signature Banner
Add this to your signature.
I hope you find this list helpful.

See you there!
Great website!

The off-road group will be taking the 240 from Ben Reifel Visitors Center through the Badlands north to Wall and meet the pavement cruisers. ;)