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07 trailer harness (sail panel mod)


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Aug 20, 2006
checked the resource section and all 1 6 pages of the "2007" mods board and still cant find it.

Anyone have a diagram of the 07 trailer plug? (Showing what color wire is what)
is it the same as prior years?

I need to varify the following:

Brown is running lights
Yellow: is (L) drivers side turn signal
Drk Grn: is (R) passenger side turn signal

This would be for the sail panel light mod on an 07.? (The other threads for the mod jump back and forth with a lot of confusion)

Basically:? Using John B Chef's pic below and tapping the wires mentioned above will give? (Running light, Brake light, Turn signals)? ?Correct?


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No one?  anyone??

Ok, someone call John B or Sourmash and wake them up!  >:D
Tango , yes it is the same as prior years, have done two 07's with no complaints, we won't talk about the fire though!

Thanks for the replies. 

Just got done doing this for Sk8deck on his 07.  Worked perfectly!!
k15goose said:
what is the mod here?

It started off trying to varify if the 07 trailer harnes was the same as earlier years.  This to make sure that the sail panel light (mod) with all functions would be installed the same way.