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11H Raced A Duramax ...



Well, I got a run with a Duramax 6 spd (ZF Tranny) ... It was a 2500HD 4DR 4x4 ...

Looks like he had a Magnaflow Exhaust due to the tip and decal in the window...

We were in the same lane, and he took off in front of me... Damn those things got some grunt!

We lined up at the next light, (out in the toolies for those concerned late in the p.m.) ?and I looked and we both nodded...

I got left foot on brake hard, and right foot loading her up to about 2K... He jumped out, and spun a bit, and took me a bit at first, we were about even until I shifted to 2nd, where he pulled a 1/2 truck on me, and when I got above 4K in second, I started to catch him again... It was a good strong walk at the top of second, and I hit third, and continued a decent walk... I shut it down at XX or so, and had 1/2 a truck length on him... Looked like he ran out of torque ... whew ... What a rush man ... We pulled over, and he had a K&N and the Magnaflow exhaust... He told me he was surprised to see me comin' after he had pulled ahead at first ... Man I had the AV wound up to avoid the big 3rd gear drop!
I bumped the rev limiter right into 3rd... He told me he beats Allison Duramaxes all the time, and the 2001 on down Powerstrokes get killed after 1st gear ... He told me I was the first truck to ever come back on him... He told me he could have done better if he didn't shift throttle up everytime... He had a healthy tool box, and a fifth wheel in the bed ... I asked him if he wanted to do it again, and he said he had to get his wife... Shuks

Looks like the little mouse can hang once he gets rollin' !!! ... I think if I was drivin' the Duramax, I would have beat me ... It seems like he should have the way the damn thing held on ... !!!

I got in a head to head errr ummm contest with another AV on the way to San Antonio on an empty stretch of the freeway. Kept even with each other for a while then the other AV slowly crept away. This was before the K&N and flowmaster and TBspacer. oh where oh where are you tonight?..........
Great Story 11H, got me thinking :rolleyes: unfortunately we are buying a house so I don't get any play money for a while :cry:
? amybe there is something with that Allison. ?i raced a friend who has a crew-cab Duramax with the Allison tranny. ?i did not use the AV however. ?i was driving an old Sable wagon. ?he got me. ?which is a good thing. ?the next time i was in the wife's Honda Passport. ?i killed him. ?for those of you who do not know the Passport is fairly quick. ?so with this knowledge i figured i would stomp a mud hole in his a$$ with the AV.
Sounds like a close one, Must be glad he did not have that new chip they have come out with for the Duramax.
They say they bump em up about 40hp, and one has a switch to take it 40-60-80, I find the 80hp bump with just a chip hard to believe, but i am not a specialist with diesels or gas burners......I know they do move pretty good with just the exhaust added which you found out.
I guess going by all the claims everyone else makes about hp, the above 40 maybe a real 20, don't know and hope i don't find out the wrong way ;D
I will say to all, that this race was with a bone stock PCM ... I sold the Hypertech to the Chief remember ?

Now I have the Diablo ... Wish I had gotten it a tad sooner ! ... :8: