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1st Rolling Tag! Black Z71 In Forest Grove, OR


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
Well, it was my first rolling tag. Looking through the posts, it may be the first recorded tag on the go.

Last night, my wife and I were out in our pewter Z71 driving around looking at land out in Forest Grove, Oregon. ?We pulled up to a stop light on the way out of town and had a very shiny, black Z71 pull along side of us. :D ?The driver had a great, ear-to-ear smile matched with an entheusiastic thumbs up. ;D It was really great to be side by side with another AV. ?My wife noticed that people on the side of the street were staring and talking ???? ??? before she noticed the other Z71 next to us.

As the light changed, I remembered the brochures I have tucked into the pocket on the back of the drivers seat. ?:0: I whip on out and hand it to my wife. ?She gets his attention. ?She handed it over to him as we were rolling down the road.

He looked at the title of the brochure and smiled. ?Cool. Hopefully, he will enjoy this forum as much as he enjoys the AV. ?:love:

We couldn't stay and talk as we needed to get to a store before they closed and had all of about 7 minutes to get there. ?
Wiki said:
What are these "tags" and where can I get some? ?Are they club brochures or what??

Yeah, it a brochure. But it felt like playing tag. You hand the brochure to another AV owner. They check out the site. They spread to word to other Av owners, too. Kinda like a huge game of tag. ;)