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2 Issues/Coat Hooks & Partitions At Risk.



1 month in my new avy. picked up dry cleaning the other day...was suprised to see that it didnt hang properly from the coat hooks, ended up hanging it from the strap that lowers the rear armrest.
Also, why doesn't the alarm go off when you jump in the flatbed? couldn't someone easily rifle the partitions?
other than that everything rock solid. thanks, johnnyavalanche
no motion alarm......the only alarm is when the door lights come on basically and the truck was not unlocked......................

Search for the coat hanger thingy...others have complained
Keep your tailgate locked if you're worried about someone taking your panels. Hard to get off of there w/out the tailgate opened I'd think.

keep tailgate locked, or have alarm pin switches installed on tailgate and side storage bins
really satisfied with vehicle, can't find away to hang a bar for traveling? has anyone figured away to beat this? :B: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :0:
Check out and search the MOD section....some have these thingys behind the head rest that will hold a jacket and I think I remember a bar going across somewhere
The coat hooks on the Av are pitiful. The engineers dropped the ball on this often used accessory.