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2 Questions - Tail Gate Lock And Interior Color


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Feb 27, 2002
Hey gang... I think my first question has been posted/answered before but I couldn't find it.

1. I can't seem to lock my tailgate. I lightly close the tail, I slam the tail shut. Doesn't seem to matter. I turn the key almost a quarter turn and it does lock the tailgate. However, I can't get the key back out without going back down to the unlocked position. It seems to me the key just isn't turning quite far enough. Am I being stupid or do I already have a problem with my truck? (650 miles!!!)

2. I have the orange Av with black leather interior, and a sunroof. One thing I noticed is that the roof fabric is the beige color. I thought this was odd (assembly mistake?) but I suppose it could be the way they come. So which is it?

Hey Nate! No man, no such thing as repeat questions to an Av owner.

I'll answer number two first as that is easier. Yup, all Avalanches have a "neutral" headliner so you're not dreaming. Why? I don't know, my only guess is if it were in charcoal the inside would be like a coffin. However you're Av was put together right.

Now the second question. First, to see if your tailgate is properly latched, after closing pull on the upper lip. Does it come back - ahhh, not closed. What you're describing is symptomatic of one side or the other not latching. This is also the case if you can turn the key 90 degrees, but find it hard to pull out. You may need a minor adjustment to the strikers. This can be done at the dealer.

I have the EXACT same problem with locking my tailgate. To lock it required force turning it clockwise and then "jiggling" the key back & forth to remove it. To unlock the gate required turning the key with pressure clockwise and then back the other way.

I went to the dealer last week to try another avalanche. It worked perfectly so I knew right away this is a defect. An attempt to adust the lock in the service department failed so a complete new lock was ordered and will be installed tomorrow.

Take your vehicle in. This is not normal. FYI there are no TSB's on this problem. My Av was manufactured in December.
Nate and Avalanche1:

I had my tailgate lock replaced for the same problem you are describing. It was wrong from the factory. :cry:

Dealer replaced it and now it works fine.

Mine was made in December, too. Maybe they got a bad lot from their supplier.
Mine was a little tough to lock at first, but now it has worn in and I don't have any problems turning the key and removing it in the locked position.
Thanks guys. I think it is the lock problem because I do yank on the tail gate after I shut it to make sure it is completely shut. I'm glad it's nothing major, but I hate the hassle of having to take the car into the dealer. Seems weird that of all potential manufacturing problems, simple locks look to be one.

There is a TSB on the locks. I'll see if I can find it.


Service Bulletin Number: 010866013 Bulletin Sequence Number: 627 Date of Bulletin: 11/01

NHTSA Item Number: SB627685
shafman - where do you find the TSBs?

Do I need to print it off and take it to the dealer?

I just got my tailgate lock fixed. It only took an hour and now works perfectly. I would take the TSB # to the dealer. Mine could not find it the first time around.
shafman1 said:
The TSB's are at the NHTSA site. ?I believe there's a link for it on the Main page here. ?Here's the link.


That is a great site... I have some questions about TSB's though. If there are problems listed does that mean you just bring it into the dealer and the manufacturer will pick up bill or are they just advisements on how to fix things. The question pertains to a car under warrenty and not under warrenty.
I'm not an expert, but here are my thoughts based on what I've seen of TSBs:

TSBs are used to inform dealers/service people of the existence of issues (that have been seen enough that they've been escalated to Chevrolet) and usually how to correct them. ?

The fact a TSB exists doesn't imply anything about whether the repairs will be covered under warranty or under a recall. ?[There is another type of bulletin for Recalls]. But, I would guess that most TSB fixes would be covered under warranty.
BTW. My headliner is the same color as the rest of my interior, charcoal (grey). Just so you don't think they were all neuteral.
TSB's are for the Service "Techs". ? They are covered under warranty only if your vehicle is still under warranty (I think they should be covered no matter what). ?They normally fixes for engineering defects (Something that could not have been fixed otherwise). ?

Recalls apply to all vehicles and they will send you something in the mail if your VIN applies to the particular recall. ?Recalls are always payed for by Chevrolet.