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20" wheel / 275/60/20 tire / total tire diameter 33" - will it rub


New Member
Feb 13, 2021
Hi, I tried to find this on other posts, forgive if a duplicate. I have 2003 CA 1500 4WD with body panels, I do not believe there is a lift kit but there sure is plenty of room between top of tire and fender. I recall when I bought it used they said it had an off road package. Currently has 275 70 16 (30.6" tire diameter) . at rentawheel.com they recommend for a 20" wheel to use 275/55/20 tire, total tire diameter = 31.9" . I'd like to go to 275/60/20 tire diameter = 33". I've turned my current wheel full lock and measured, it does seem the 33" will work without rubbing but naturally this is not the same as a full wheel on vehicle test. I realize there are other factors to consider but I'm simply seeking guidance if a 33" diameter tire using the same width (275) as my current stock size, will rub at all or rub at full lock.


Full Member
Oct 28, 2019
my 33s on 20s with a level kit fit but I had to trim a lot...and after a week or 2 the rubbing came back. only after I put the body lift I had no more rubbing