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$2000 Below Invoice On A 2003?


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Sep 12, 2002
I read the pricing info on the "Attention New Members - Important" thread. It seems like the consensus is that I should be shooting for a price $2000 below dealer invoice.

However, the thread seems to be a little older, and focused more on the 2002 models. Is $2000 below invoice still an attainable price for a 2003 model? I realize they just came out. Does that make it easier or more difficult to get the price down? How 'bout the 2002's? Does the fact that they're running out of them make it easier or more difficult to get a good price on a new 2002?

I should be closing the deal tomorrow. I look forward to your feedback before I go in. Thanks.
I doubt it but I have been surprized before...Many people on '02s were getting close to invoice AND the 2500 rebate being offered at the time on '02s...This would bring you about 2Gs off of invoice...If you can get that on an '03...MORE POWER TO YOU!!! Check out the other threads here on '03 prices. Good hunting! :B: ;D (y)
I highyl doubt you can get $2000 below invoice on a 2003. You probably can on a 2002. You can get 0% on an '03 which is also a great deal.

Does the fact that they're running out of them make it easier or more difficult to get a good price on a new 2002?

Dealers running out of '02's shouldn't effect their price. The fact that the '03's are arriving will make them want to clear out the '02's for room, so there's where you might find a steal.
Drooling Dog,

Edmunds site list incentives on 2003 NFE of $1000. rebate and $500 Dealer cash. Should be able to get at invoice less $1500., dealer still making 3% holdback. If finance 0% would be way to go. Cannot combine the $1K rebate with 0%.

02 only show rebate of $2000. now, I belive the dealers received a price reduction on remaining 02's when the 03 came out(official show date). Maybe someone can verify this. ???

Do your homework.
Good Luck :B:

Thanks for the info. I'm looking at a possible upgrade from my '02 Z71 to an '03 4x4.

One question, what exactly is the $500 Dealer cash? I haven't heard my salesman mention this. Thanks!

PS - This is my first post. I've been lurking for awhile, but never posted. What a great site! The information is incredible.
Thanks for your thoughts guys.

Anyone know what the term restrictions are on the 0% deal? Max 48 months? 36?
The 0% financing is for 3 years max.
The 4 year and 5 year term increments up from there.
thx1138 said:


One question, what exactly is the $500 Dealer cash? ?I haven't heard my salesman mention this. ? Thanks!

Dealer cash is a rebate that is given to the dealer by GM. No salesman will tell you about it but it should go to you (if they don't sell the truck they don't get the cash).
FTI: In an effort to get rid of the 2002 stock, GMAC is now offering 0% financing on 2002's for up to 60 months.

I just bought a Z71 for 0% on 48 months.
I just bought a 2002 Summit White Z-71 9 days ago. Sticker was $39109.81 got it for $30500.00 and 4.25% for 60 months. They seem to be dealing the 2002's a decent prices around here.
Go to the Edmunds site http://tmv.edmunds.com and look up a 2003 Chevy Avalanche (build it with your options).

I think you'll find that TMV ("True Market Value") will be about $500 over invoice.

I'm always amused when people tell you that you should be able to buy a car at X price (usually a really really low price). They're often the ones who didn't do it themselves.

Unless the manufacturer and/or the dealer is very motivated, the Edmunds pricing is typically what you should expect to pay for the vehicle.

The exception to this is the incentives that GM is heaping on top of the remaining 2002's (not many out here in SoCal) to move them off the lot and let the dealers focus on selling the 03's.

By the way, I just bought a loaded 2500 4x4 (which I ordered - it only took 4 weeks to get it!) and I paid $400 over invoice.

Good luck in your shopping.
Last weekend I stopped by the dealership and test drove a Dark Gray Metallic AV. I didn't have any intentions on buying it right then and there, but I wanted to see what kind of price I could talk them down to. For a 2003 Z66 (sticker $35-36,000) I got them down to $500 below invoice + $1000 rebate. Plus the salesman said I would get another discount because he had sold my girlfriend a car a few months ago. I usually don't see that much of a deal on 03s. Maybe because it was 4PM on a Saturday and they had JUST sold their second car?
I just picked up the 2500 that I had ordered and paid $500 over FACTORY invoice plus $300 in advertising. When I looked at the DEALERS invoice they had added $371 in DEALER CO-OP ADVERTISING and $185 in LOCAL ADVERTISING AND MARKETING which they consider part of the invoice. That added about $550 in what we refer to as advertising. I think this is a BS play on words and we had to get ugly about it. Since this was the truck I wanted and the drool was running down my chin I only got him to take $250 off of his advertising markups for a total of $300 that I paid in advertising. So, when you talk about what you paid over invoice, don't forget to look at the advertising fees.
The bottom line is you have to compare bottom lines. Edmunds and Kelley are not clear on if you should be paying these fees. If you have a trade-in, then it is difficult to say what you paid for your car as well.